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Press about our Recycling partnership:

Red Hook Star Revue: Fiona Hair NYC a Cut Above the Rest

"Green Circle Salons is a special recycling/repurposing program that ensures hair, foils, color tubes, plastics, irons/dryers, and chemicals are diverted out of landfills and water systems. Since these materials, products and tools are salon-specific and cannot be recycled by the city, they are sent to Green Circle Salons instead. Additionally, Guidice collects and sends in hair clippings (shorter than 10 inches) so that they can be repurposed and used for oil spill cleanups. Booms made of hair are used multiple times, in comparison to synthetic ones that are disposed of after one use, because they haven’t found the end of their life cycle yet.

“That’s what hair is meant to do – to soak up all that oil and grease, get washed and do it all over again,” Guidice says.

Inside the salon, Guidice tries to be as eco-friendly as possible, using only LED light bulbs, making her own flavored beverages with SodaStream, and using reusable K-Cups for coffee. She also carries and uses some organic hair color lines, which many professional companies are now making. Plus, instead of printing out receipts or having a customer loyalty punch card, she sends e-receipts to her clients and handles appointment bookings online."


Followed a press link and looking for the article?  Here are links to the original articles:

The Strategist: Best Shampoos for Fine Hair

New York Magazine wanted to update an article with new products so they turned to Fiona for advice! See what she had to say!

The Strategist: Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos

New York Magazine asked for Fiona's expertise again - this time about sulfate-free shampoos.  

Marie Claire: Makeup Tips for Redheads

Fiona was interviewed by Marie Claire to give some tips for an article they were planning, but before the interview published, they called her up and explained that the whole article pretty much quoted everything she said verbatim so they gave her the full writing credit

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