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Covid Clean

Covid Forms

What We're Doing

To Keep You Safe

We also met, or in many cases exceeded, what the state suggested as extra precautionary measures for all multi-chair hair salons where several stylists service clients simultaneously.
We both wear a mask and face-shield.
Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide has not only been found to remove Formaldehyde, Bacteria, E Coli, Staph, Mold, and Fungus from the air but using a method called Trap-and-Zap, the Titanium Dioxide photocatalytic coating will kill coronaviruses on contact, as well as MERS and SARS.
Before Entering
We scan for fever at the door and run through a brief list of health screening questions.
We provide a fresh face covering to keep yours free from hair color and clippings.
We offer a sanitized bin for your belongings-
like your bike helmet, small bag, water bottle and your reusable cloth mask.
We provide a Clorox disinfecting wipe for your phone and
the WHO formulation of 80% alcohol spray sanitizer for your hands
inside the salon
Between each appointment all the furniture and hard surfaces
are washed with soap and water and then disinfected with Clorox
During this process, all of the air in the salon is exchanged through our powerful air purifiers a minimum of 3 times.
Your salon experience is uniquely private because you are
the only client in the entire salon for your appointment
Our air purifiers
Our purifiers run all day long and have a clean air delivery rate high enough
to fully exchange the air of our private space every 7 - 10 minutes.
We use photocatalytic air purifiers that use natural UV light and a Titanium Dioxide catalyst that's been proven to eliminate 99.9% of all organic contaminants in the air, including bacteria and coronaviruses.
Before reopening
During the lockdown we got 3 different certifications
related to sanitation and infectious disease control
updated with information specific to COVID-19.
But we didn't stop there.
But Fiona is the only stylist at Fiona Hair NYC.
We obviously followed and implemented all 7 pages of the
New York State mandated requirements in order to reopen.
Her husband often assists with the scheduling and sanitation to lend an extra
pair of sanitized hands without any increase to the salon's "exposure bubble"
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