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New Schedule + New Pricing

My Dear Clients, I hope everyone is settling into things with fall around the corner and school started again. The time has come! Starting this week, the new appointment hours of the salon are: Wednesday - Saturday 10:30a - 8:30p The new pricing structure is also in effect starting now and can be found on the website. Many of the prices haven’t changed at all, but there is now a distinction in color services between above and below the shoulders that adjusts both pricing and timing. Long hair services take more time and use more product, so having them separate helps things be priced more fairly and scheduled more efficiently. If you’re unsure of what service you should be booking please reach out to me and I’m happy to help. I continue to use the highest quality hair color on the market and I add a special blend of multiple bond builders in every color service to protect your hair’s integrity and extend the life of the color. I don’t use Olaplex, but my blend is 3 times as powerful. I make it policy to care for you hair as it is today, and to optimize your service for your long term hair health. In my space, you receive one on one attention and care, including temperature, music and lighting control. I’m also looking forward to getting back to some of our other premium amenities like beverage service at a time and way that it’s safe for everyone as we see what the fall brings in terms of testing availability and the latest vaccine boosters. My hope is to resume beverage service for the holidays but as always I will follow the science and proceed cautiously to keep us all safe and keep the salon running. If you’re a fan of me and my salon and services please tell your friends or write a review or social media post. When a new client mentions that you sent them, I give you an additional 25 loyalty points- the same as when you spend $250 on services. You also get additional loyalty points for reviews and social media posts when you tag the salon. As usual you can book through the Vagaro app, my website, social media, yelp, and through email, phone call, and text messages. Start thinking about your holiday schedules and pre-book when possible. Gift certificates are available through my website. I look forward to seeing you all in the salon again soon and really appreciate your continued patronage. Making you happy means the world to me.

Warm regards,


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