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Reopening + Rescheduling

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

My Dear Clients,

I have tentatively great news! Governor Cuomo says phase 2 of reopening is on track to begin Monday, June 22nd in NYC. That means I could start rebooking appointments in the salon as early as this Tuesday, with my fingers crossed that the date doesn't get pushed back.

There are many changes required at the salon that I would like you to be prepared for. With more to follow in a seperate post, a few of them include:

  • We both must wear a mask for the entirety of your appointment

  • Additional guests cannot accompany you in the salon

  • You'll need to check in with me by phone upon arrival before entering the door

Anyone who would like to be rebooked for appointments please contact me by text or email to get on the list and tell me if you have a particular schedule to book around. Then I will reach out to you to consult - ideally via video chat of some kind - about your hair status, brief you on the new salon safety protocols, and get your appointment scheduled. Since it has been many moons since I’ve seen any of you, we may need more than the usual maintenance time for your appointment, there may be some quarantine self care treatments that need correcting, or you may be thinking about going a completely new direction with your #hairgoals. No matter what, we will need to touch base to make sure we’re allowing the appropriate time. It'll be much easier to communicate all of this by video in advance, without masks on, and that will also help to minimize our time in the salon.

If you have any reference photos for your new hair goals, or your current hair reality, or anything that you think would be helpful to communicate, please feel free to text or email them to me in advance so I can be as prepared as possible for our consultation and upcoming appointment. Additionally, I ask that you please update all of your contact information in Vagaro and complete the linked Covid-19 form accessible below. If, for some reaason, you have some issues logging in to complete the form, please reach out to me and I'll have your login info resent to you.

I look forward to seeing you all at the salon in the very near future.

Many Thanks,


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