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Little Pieces of Normalcy

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

My Dear Clients,

I hope you had a great St Patrick’s Day! It’s one of my favorite holidays to cook for and this year I tried my hand at some bangers & mash that came out better than I had hoped. I think my husband really enjoyed them because we don’t have any leftovers!


Spring is nearly here and the extra hours of sunshine have literally brightened my spirits. Though it might be some time before things are anything like the way they used to be, bit by bit, little pieces of normalcy are coming back into our lives. Infection rates for NY are trending downward while vaccination rates are headed upward. I feel so fortunate and grateful that my husband Jeff and I are among the growing list of fully vaccinated people. Now that we’re at peak immunity, our sanitation practices haven’t changed a bit. Still fully masked with face shield, still sanitizing all the hands, furniture & surfaces, still using the strongest air purification available. We’re being just as diligent as ever to keep you safe so you can relax during your service.


As everyone keeps reminding us, it’s the One Year anniversary of the lockdown and this has been on our minds at the salon, too. A year ago, I never would have considered taking a sabbatical to become an expert in infectious disease control. I wouldn’t have guessed we’d spend quite so much time on:

  • Navigating new laws & guidelines and adapting as they changed from week to week

  • Keeping informed and up to date on all the virus science as new findings got published

  • Taking infectious disease courses updated with Covid 19 information and earning 7 different certifications- 4 from the WHO, and 3 with salon specific safety details

  • Creating & implementing new safety procedures with elaborate documentation

  • Figuring out all of the above and still honor our commitment to environmental sustainability

All of those new focuses are in addition to my normal work of keeping informed about the latest hair & fashion trends, and the newest techniques & products in the industry, but purely in virtual format. While valuable, it came with additional challenges of having no in-person educators to demonstrate, no hands-on access to the products and no living hair models. I haven’t needed a mannequin head since hair school and I’m impressed with how much the quality has improved since then. A special shout out to my mannequin-head quarantine-bubble of Miss Kim, Ingrid, and Nadine for being such great sports this year. While they aren’t very conversational, they do sit very still and they’re always up for experimentation.


While the pandemic has certainly pulled our focus and forced us to put some plans on the back burner this past year, this spring we are refocusing and refreshing many things at the salon. There will be some small but necessary upgrades- including some new plants, new capes and client smocks, repairs to some unfortunate vandalism, crafting fully transparent and gender neutral pricing, and a complete reorganization of the service menu with helpful categories to streamline the booking experience. I’m also planning a fun selfie station that should be super awesome and get even better once we all get to be maskless. I’m pretty excited about how everything is progressing. You’ll start noticing more updates over your next few visits.


Its about time for warm weather highlights! We may have all been inside this past year, but our hair doesn’t have to tell that tale. I’ve got a lot of fun new highlight techniques to make the

most impact with the least time, and damage to your hair. If you’re unsure of what to book just send me a picture or book a zoom consultation and I’ll help.

So, let the sun shine in! ♩._♪♫♩

(Sorry- I’ve been listening to the musical “Hair”)


I’m also excited to announce a new custom conditioner bar and treatment services to meet your specific needs. Everyone’s hair has gone through a lot this year. Stress related hair turnover, which can result in increased frizz, parched hair from being at home in very drying heaters for a year, breakage from repetitive stress on the hair of constant ponytails/ and buns. Our hair, and skin, like the rest of us have really gone through it this year. Talk to me about a treatment that’s right for you. There’s updated “add on services” in the menu under the treatments section.


As you may or may not know I also sell Lipsense products- the only retail I DO sell. A 16 hour non-transfer lip color that I think is perfect for our masked times. I’m not a big retail pusher and you can’t see my perfectly made-up lips at the salon right now but if you want more info about Lipsense (or it’s eye shadow partner in crime Shadowsense), just let me know and I’m happy to give you the details. I’ll be placing another order soon so if you already know about the product and have a shade you’d want to order, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.


Do you know about our loyalty points program? You might already know that we give 10% back with 1 loyalty point for every $10 spent on salon services. But did you know you also get loyalty points for spreading the word about our salon? You get points for referring a friend, writing a review on any of the review sites like Yelp, Google & Vagaro, and you also get points for tags and mentions in social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Whichever way you want to sing my praises- I fully support that. Be sure to follow me on social media to stay up to date on the latest salon updates and useful tips and tricks from me.

As usual gift certificates are available for Passover, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Memorial Day, Arbor Day, Bring Your Cat to Work Day, or just because you care. Ask me about purchasing or get them on my website or at this link: Gift Certificates. I look forward to seeing you all in the salon again soon.

Smiling at you all from under my mask,


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