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January News

My Dear Clients,

Happy 2022 to everyone! I hope your resolutions and reinventions are going well. It’s always nice to take the opportunity to see yourself in a new light, whether it’s a complete renovation, a fresh coat of paint, or just shaking off the dust from the previous year to see how sparkly you truly are. If you want any help with a reinvention or a refresh, I’m always happy to help. Whether it’s advice, product recommendations, or a consultation about a full overhaul, I’m always just a text, email, phone call, or a social media message away.

Speaking of social media, I hope you’re following the salon on instagram @fionahairnyc and Facebook. I often do posts about last minute appointment openings and will be doing a push of more fun and informative content as the year goes on. I’ll soon have a system in place to award loyalty points for social media posts- the same as I currently do with reviews. You can also follow my personal instagram page @flyghair to watch my own hair reinvention journey this year. If you don’t know what on earth I’m talking about, that means you’re probably due for a salon visit soon.

You can expect me to start talking to you more about scalp health and hair loss while offering more treatments and tips that focus on these issues- as they’ve been absolutely universal problems for everyone the past couple years.

Did you know that the salon music is fully in your control? You can listen to anything you want and also skip things you don’t like or that don’t go with your current vibe. I can also tweak the temperature of the salon to your comfort level. Those are just some of the benefits of the one on one structure of the salon.

While we are still fully masked at the salon you can bring a beverage with you to consume during breaks in the curtained entry area. I’ve also upgraded the disposable masks I give at the salon from standard surgical to KF94 rated masks. Thankfully the infection rates are going down in NYC, but I’m doing my best to keep everyone safe and healthy and looking great until we’re on the other side of this whole thing.

As usual appointments are bookable on my website, through the Vagaro app on your phone, and through social media, text message, email, phone calls and carrier pigeon. If you’re a fan and love the salon, a great way to show your support is by leaving me a review on Yelp, Google, Vagaro and Facebook or by mentioning me on social media and please be sure to TAG ME using @fionahairnyc. Of course you can still personally refer people to me that you think would benefit from my services if hashtags and Facebook cramp your style. All of these things helps people find me and helps beautify the neighborhood by giving more people great hair in a sustainable and eco friendly fashion.

Thanks for your continued support. I look forward to seeing you at the salon soon.


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