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Holidays, Pricing, Waitlist +MORE

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

My Dear Clients,

Happy Fall to everyone. I hope everyone is starting to find their “new normal” groove and settling into a routine. As your schedule evens out I want to check in with you about mine. How is my schedule working out for you? Are there times when you wish I was working? Please take the time to fill out my schedule survey so I can understand everyone’s wishes and come up with a schedule that tries to please all of the people all of the time. It should come as a surprise to no one that inflation and supply chain issues have made everything more expensive and my operating costs have gone way up during the current pandemic. In fact, the last time I increased prices President Obama was focused on the Ebola outbreak back in 2014- so a lot has changed since then and the new prices will reflect that. New prices go into effect November 1st. The holidays are coming, and in an effort to get everyone their preferred appointment times, I've made some adjustments to the schedule. I've opened up some extra days that I think should help. Please schedule in advance to lock in and reserve your spots. The adjustments are listed below. And as usual, if you can't find your spot online, please add yourself to the waitlist- or text me and sometimes I can find a time that works for you that my online booking system can't see. Thanksgiving Open Additional Day: Tuesday 11/23 Closed Days: Wednesday 11/24 - Friday 11/26 Open as Normal: Saturday 11/27 & Sunday 11/28 Open Additional Day: Monday 11/29 Christmas Open Additional Days: Mon 12/20 & Tues 12/21 Closed Wed 12/22 - Tue 12/28 New Years Open Wednesday 12/29 - Friday 12/31 as normal Closed Sat 1/1/2022 Waiting list appointments are a great option if your first choice time isn’t available. Book the next appointment slot that works for you and add yourself to the waiting list for any of your preferred appointment times. Please let me know if you need help with Vagaro's waitlist feature. I am still so grateful to everyone that bought gift certificates while we were shut down, but now a lot of those gift certificates are expiring and it's becoming incredibly difficult for me to track them since my system won't recognize that they're valid. Please check the dates on your gift certificates and let's get them redeemed. They’re usually only good for 1 year after purchase date, but I can wiggle on that some because of Covid closures. I'd love to have it all settled for the new year. I got my 3rd Covid shot and my flu shot and I am encouraging everyone else to do the same. While we’re still masking at the salon, you can now bring books, laptops, iPads, and you can bring a beverage to drink in the curtained check-in area. You can also now do a pre-screening form in advance to streamline check in process. More on this soon. Please make sure your contact info is correct in the system so you’re receiving your appointment confirmations and reminders. There’s been a pretty significant increase in late arrivals and short notice cancellations that really throws a monkey wrench into my schedule and business. I understand that life and sicknesses occur, but try to give me as much notice as possible if you’ll be late or need to cancel so I have a little opportunity to shuffle my schedule- or at least sneak in a bathroom or water break. I’d love to cut back on some of the additional timing that was added to sanitize between clients but honestly with clients running late and going through the check in process every bit of that cushion time has been necessary to keep the schedule running on time. If you need to cancel or adjust your appointment time on the day of your appointment, please text or call me to let me know as soon as you can so I can adjust things if necessary. We’ve got lots of great new things at the salon. New curly hair treatments to increase curl elasticity and curl friendly scalp treatments. New color deposit conditioner masks and the Rewind “anti-aging” treatment has gotten an upgrade with new support products. I’m excited to see you all at the salon soon.


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