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Happy New Year

My Dear Clients,

I hope everyone is recovering from the holidays, enjoying the new year, and staying healthy. Just a short note to let everyone know about scheduled time away and some salon updates.

My little niece Nora has been cast in her first musical and we’ll be going to Vermont the first weekend of February to see her shine. This means the salon will be closed the first weekend of February so please book your appointments accordingly.

We offer many services at the salon you may not be aware - including “express” services for maintenance in-between your regular appointments- or as a stop gap measure so you can time your more major appointments to better complement your own schedule with vacations, birthdays etc. If you have any questions about how to better optimize your salon services or what express services are right for you please reach out- or feel free to schedule a video or in person consultation to discuss details.

📚🎮🎶 Salon Upgrades

We've upgraded your salon experience with more entertainment options. You can now enjoy vintage Rolling Stone magazines from 1996-2006 and access our fashion library. We also have a salon iPad loaded with news, magazines, streaming services to watch shows, play games, control the salon music, and the ability to search for hair inspiration pictures on the fly! Our refreshments are fully stocked, and we're always ready to serve your favorite beverages upon request. We want you to feel relaxed, pampered - and hydrated during your visit. - we also understand that taking time away from work to get your hair done isn’t always an option. That’s why we also have an adjustable salon laptop desk and secure internet and accessible power for you to plug into at the stations.

🪑👥 Companion Seating Area

For your convenience and comfort, we've added a companion seating area. It's perfect for those accompanying their kids during haircuts or for your partner or friend to sit and chat while you have your appointment.

😷👍 Masking Policy

We are not requiring masks at the salon- but we’re always happy to provide a masked appointment upon request. Simply take a moment to fill out the online form, available in your email appointment confirmation 24 hours in advance of your appointment, and let us know if you'd like your appointment to be fully masked. Knowing this in advance of the appointment helps me to prepare accordingly and helps inform my personal makeup choices that day. It’s much appreciated.

❤️📸 Spread the Love

If you've had a great experience with us, please consider leaving a review or sharing your thoughts on social media. When you refer a new client to the salon, you'll receive an additional 25 loyalty points! Don't forget to follow the salon on social media @fionahairnyc and tag us in your reviews and hair photos. As a local micro business your support means the world to us. It’s also a great place to find out about last minute appointment openings as I post those in stories.

I keep the salon insta for hair related happenings so as not to clog up your feed- but if you want, you can follow my personal social media for other fun, family, friends, and cute photos of our fur babies @flyghair.

📆📲💳 Booking Information

As always, you can book your appointments through my website, the Vagaro app, social media, or by phone call, text, or email. Gift certificates are also available for purchase through my website. I'm grateful to you for choosing me as the artist to collaborate with on your hair journey.

I'm grateful to you for choosing me as the artist to collaborate with on your hair journey.

Looking forward to seeing you at the salon again soon

-- Fiona

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