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Mask Proof Lipstick, New Salon Schedule & More...

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

My Dear Clients,

Hello to everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your February so far. While the salon sanitation process feels a little like Groundhog Day, we’re remaining diligent in our efforts to keep everyone safe and comfortable. We’re doing our best to adapt with the times and we’re continuing to prioritize safety and service. We’ve implemented some cold weather additions to streamline the check-in process and to keep you warm and safe in the process.


There’s some very exciting new plant-based products and services I’ve brought into the salon from Leaf and Flower. They have some impressive anti-frizz remedies, damage correction solutions and an in salon service that lasts 10 shampoos - a molecular mender that is amazingly both reparative and preventative for the hair and scalp. Everyone is loving everything about the smell, the look and the feel from the new Leaf and Flower line- and I’m really enjoying all of the positive feedback.


There’s also the new Rewind anti-aging service from our old friends at Brazilian Professionals. This is a great option to tame wiry grays, and restore strength and bounce to the hair, but if you don’t necessarily care about the smoother hair texture that comes with a full Brazilian Blowout service. And the Rewind treatment takes about a third of the time, making it easier for you to book online and helps keep your salon visit from becoming a masked-up marathon experience.


C O L O R !


I love my new permanent vivid colors, and my new iridescent chrome colors. I’m so thrilled that so many of you have been having fun and open to changing things up this year with some bolder color choices. Whether it’s vivid, pastel or natural tones, I’m happy to help you embrace whatever hair story you want to tell. I’m here, as always, to answer any questions about my new colors, products and services and how they might help you shake things up.


M a s k P r o o f L i p s t i c k !


Yes that’s right- MASK PROOF LIPSTICK. If there were a lipstick designed specifically for today’s new normal, it is definitely Lipsense. It’s unique stain & sealer approach means 12+ hours of coverage that won’t kiss off- not on your mask, not on your water glass, and not on your partner. I like to coordinate with an eyeshadow from Shadowsense for a pop of color that can be seen through all the PPE. With Valentines this week and indoor dining on the horizon, there’s a limited supply remaining of both Lipsense and Shadowsense. But I will be restocking soon, so let me know if there’s a specific shade you’re after and I can make sure you don’t miss out.


N e w S a l o n S c h e d u l e ?


In an effort to adapt to today’s new normaI, I’m considering changing up the appointment days and hours. In order to best accommodate your life today, I’ve created a survey- available through the link below, and it's also sent in the 1 week follow up emails. Answers are anonymous and no feelings will be hurt, I welcome the honest feedback and appreciate your participation. Click Here For Schedule Survey

I am still offering zoom consultations, haircolor pick up kits, gift certificates and general hair advice about your unique situation if you can’t get to the salon. I’m here to help you navigate whatever it is you’re facing.

I hope you’re staying safe, and that you’re able to find some joy this winter. I look forward to seeing you again soon- either at the salon or on the zoom.

Warm sanitized wishes,



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