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Fiona's December Update

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

My Dear Clients,

I’ll keep this note very brief so hopefully more people will find time to read it- topics are:

New price menu

Advance Check In

Expired Gift Certificates

Garden Lights

Along with the updated pricing, I’ve changed up the booking menu categories and I hope it will make things easier to book. Categories are as follows:

Combination services- includes a cut with any color service

Express services - maintenance for in between your regular cuts or colors, no blow dry

Cuts- Book by your length of hair

Color & Highlight Services

New advance check in screening can be filled out anytime in the 24 hours before your appointment. - there’s also a scan code at the salon if you don’t get a chance to complete the checkin before your appointment.

Expired Pandemic Gift certificates will be converted into loyalty points in the new year.

It’s winter and it getting dark earlier, to help brighten the entrance, we have new replacement lights through the garden from a vandalism earlier this year.

If you've completed the checkin before arriving, you don’t have to pull out your phone to text me when you arrive- you can ring the doorbell and it will help streamline the process a bit.

If you have any trouble with the new booking menu please let me know.

Updated Holiday schedule - Please book in advance!


Closed Day: Thur 12/16

Additional Days: Mon 12/20 & Tues 12/21

Closed Wed 12/22 - Tue 12/28

New Years

Open Wed 12/29 - Fri 12/31 as normal

Closed Sat 1/1/2022

I’m excited to see you all at the salon soon. As usual I’m available for appointment booking via text, email, phone, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, the Vagaro booking app, and of course through my website Fiona

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