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August Update

My Dear Clients, I hope everyone is finding ways to enjoy the summer as much as possible and maybe even settling into some kind of normalcy. Things have been running smoothly at the salon with all of the new protocols, safety and cleaning measures. It’s been a great help to have my husband Jeff with me, assisting with all of the things I can’t do while my hands are full with your gorgeous hair. When there are last minute openings, he’ll usually announce it on Instagram & Facebook- and then between appointments he’s focused on a full salon sanitation sweep. And that means I can keep more of my focus on you- and more efficiently get you a response in a timely fashion. If you haven't already, please take some time to complete the Covid Waiver form and also read all of the listed changes and protocols in the “What To Expect” form.  Both are available here: Covid Forms Some of our "new normal" procedures include:

  • I’ve added time to every service to properly sanitize between clients 

  • I’ve followed every requirement AND every recommendation made of every NY multi-stylist hair salon   

  • I’ve eliminated all overlapping services so every appointment is uniquely private 

  • I’ll open the door and bring you sanitizer for your phone & hands and a fresh mask to keep yours free from hair color and clippings

It has been SUPER helpful getting your current hair and inspiration photos texted in advance.  Especially when it's been a long time or if we're making a big change, moving consultation discussions into a text convo has really streamlined the in-salon timings and I appreciate how on board everyone has been with this- and all of the new necessary adjustments. Many of you are familiar with the salon recycling program that we are a part of. Green Circle is a wonderful company with great values that I’m proud to partner with. Their services are helping to keep the beauty business from making the planet less beautiful. The cost associated with this service is a cost I’ve historically covered in entirety since joining in 2015. With the increased need for single use items like masks, gloves, disinfecting wipes, etc, I’m absolutely thrilled that Green Circle will now also allow me to recover our used PPE and it too can be safely converted into energy. It’s wonderful that this program allows us to hold the two values of Safety & Sustainability more equally and completely in these times. Well this is unfortunately some good news and bad news. While this additional service requires some additional precautions, it unfortunately also brings additional expenses. As a result, I will need to more consistently implement the eco fee that I’ve been failing to include with every checkout. Starting just after Labor Day, you will more reliably see the $5 eco fee added on at checkout. If you're interested, there’s more information about our recycling program on our website and Instagram. And if you have any questions about it please let us know. We’re always happy to chat sustainability! As usual you can make your appointments online- or through phone calls, text message, email, Yelp, Facebook, Insta DM, and carrier pigeon.  Unfortunately we are not accepting smoke signals during the dry summer months. Looking forward to seeing you all in the salon soon. If you’re still not ready for an exclusively private in person visit at the salon and but you want some pointers or advice for at home please let me know. I’m happy to help make the world a more beautiful place, one head at a time, from any distance. Many Thanks, Fiona

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