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New Schedule Announced!

My Dear Clients,

Happy Spring! I hope you’re getting some sunshine in your days in between the spouts of inclement weather. I know I’m trying to soak in any sunlight I can find as the days start to warm up.

As you know, I’ve been gathering information from everyone about their preferred schedule for appointments. I’ve analyzed all of the collected data and put together a schedule I hope is sustainable and pleases as many people as possible.

These new hours will go into effect starting on Tuesday May 11th and are as follows:

Monday: closed

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: closed

Thursday: 11am - 9pm

Friday: 11am - 9pm

Saturday: 10am - 8pm

Sunday: 10am - 8pm

That’s right! Starting this May, I will be open for appointments on both weekend days and extending every day's appointment hours a little later into the night. I’m planning to consolidate my administrative office duties to the early part of each week, allowing for longer days of appointments in the later half of the week.

After a 3 month trial of the new schedule, I might do another survey and reassess. This is a wildly changing world and who knows where we’ll be as a city in 3 months time. Maybe by then there will be new covid guidelines for hair salons that allow me to return to slightly more normal operations.

The online salon schedule was previously open for booking one year in advance. Moving forward, only the next three months at a time will be available for booking appointments. This will make the new schedule more sustainable and since I’ll typically be working both weekend days every week moving ahead, the 3 month booking limit might allow me to occasionally attend functions that only happen on a weekend- like weddings and baby showers, as the potential for those types of gatherings returns to our lives. If you have a special date you want to book beyond the three months, just reach out to me directly and we can save the date. Appointments beyond 3 months just won’t be available to online scheduling.

Spring time means warmer weather, but along with that comes humidity. If all those new baby-hair frizzies have got you down, talk to me about a 6 week express keratin. It’s a commitment free way to reduce the frizz and drying time of your hair while also sealing in any hair color and it even reduces future damage. If that doesn’t sound like the right treatment for you, I have many choices available to suit your hairs’ needs. Just reach out to me and I can tell you more about what option is most sustainable for you and your particular hair goals.

Through further online education, I learned more about what’s been happening to my supply chain. Since the entire globe needs 1000 times more gloves right now, and hairdresser gloves are made from the same materials as frontline worker gloves, the increased demand has led to shortages at every step in the supply chain- from the raw Nitrile manufacturer all the way down to the distributor that delivers the gloves to me. And, predictably, the prices have increased at every tier of the supply chain. The same is true for the ingredients used to make hair tool disinfectants like Barbicide and Shipshape, just to name a couple more examples. These increased material costs, general inflation, and government mandated scheduling inefficiencies make it necessary for my business to respond accordingly with a price adjustment this Fall. I am delaying the increases until October, since I know so many people are still hurting right now and I am incredibly optimistic that we’ll see a safe return to more routine normalcy by the Fall and hopefully more people will be back to work by then.

Do you get multiple copies of this message cluttering your inboxes and annoying you with notifications? That means you have multiple Vagaro accounts with me that’s potentially causing me some avoidable expenses. Let’s do us both a favor and streamline your inbox by merging those multiple accounts. Shoot me an email about it, or bring it up the next time you’re at the salon and we can take care of it together.

Follow me on social media for updates, tips, and fun beauty hacks. I know my social feed has been quiet lately, but I’m chipping away at a few ideas that I’m pretty excited to share with you as soon as they’re ready. You might want to enable notifications so you don’t miss them!!

Mother’s Day gift certificates are always a favorite and are once again available through my website. Lipsence, the maskproof lipstick, is also very popular so let me know ASAP if there's a shade you want included in my upcoming order.

As usual, you can book appointments online through my website, through the Vagaro booking system directly, through social media, or through me via text, phone calls and email. If you have any questions please reach out.

I look forward to seeing you all at the salon again soon.

Still smiling behind my mask,


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